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CPA's Geoffrey Kulik and Charles Sterck

Directors Geoffrey Kulik and Charles Sterck

A Public Accounting Firm Dedicated to Your Success

You want your accounting firm to be properly licensed, comply with all insurance requirements, and to be recommended by its existing clients. American Ratings Corporation, an independent third-party, certified Sterck Kulik O’Neill in each of these areas in 2005 and annually since then.

Diamond Certified CPA'sYou want your accountant to be an active, up-to-date participant in the field. And, you want your accountant to be an enthusiastic member of the wider society, in touch with area business trends, and involved in building a solid, dynamic community.

Sterck Kulik O’Neill is proud of its professional credentials and affiliations.

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Credentials and Professional Licenses

Most business executives and individuals are aware that in order for a qualified accounting professional to use the term “CPA” (Certified Public Accountant) that they MUST pass a series of exams, attend continuing education courses, and have a minimum amount of professional service time. These standards are dictated by the governing California Board of Accountancy.

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While many individuals and small firms advertise that they provide bookkeeping, accounting, or tax preparation services, they may not be board certified. Be sure to ask if they have their CPA credentials, and ask them for their license number.

  • Check the license status from the California Board of Accountancy web page or call the Board at (916) 263-3680. Specifically, make sure that the CPA’s license is current and inquire whether there has been any disciplinary action taken against the licensee.
  • Ask if the CPA has been renewed with continuing education and how long the firm/he/she has been licensed.
  • Some CPAs are authorized to provide services including attest engagements while others can provide accounting, compilation preparation, management advisory, financial advisory, tax and consulting services but will not be authorized to sign reports on attest engagements. Make sure you determine what services you require for your business and select a CPA with appropriate qualifications.

Sterck Kulik O’Neill accounting group, inc. is a licensed firm, and its directors and senior team members are individually licensed Certified Public Accountants in good standing.

Active Member of Leading Professional Associations

Sterck Kulik O’Neill is an active participant in the following nationally recognized professional accounting associations:

Participant in Important Community Groups

If your CPA is a member of local business associations, this may be a good sign that they are involved in their community and are adhering to standards worthy of an honest and reputable company.  Sterck Kulik O’Neill accounting group, inc. is pleased to be a member of:

Customer Satisfaction Verified by an Independent Third Party

Diamond Certified AwardIn 2005 our clients’ satisfaction let us earn the Diamond Certified Award for Quality.  Our clients have been surveyed every year since then, and they have continued to express their satisfaction with our service!

Most recently our clients gave our service a 94% satisfaction rating in an independent survey conducted by Diamond Certified.  Over 94% of our clients said that they plan on allowing Sterck Kulik O’Neill to help them in the future.

In addition, Diamond Certified’s approval process verified our good standing with consumer boards, our insurance companies, and the State of California.


Leaders of the Sterck Kulik O’Neill Accounting Team

Charles R. Sterck, CPA

Charles R. Sterck
Charles R. SterckManaging Director
Charles has extensive experience in accounting and auditing as well as tax preparation. He has served clients in the retail, wholesale, restaurant, real estate, construction, winery, non-profit, retirement plan and service industries. He joined the firm in 1985.

Geoffrey Kulik, CPA

Geoffrey Kulik
Geoffrey KulikDirector
Geoff is the leader of Sterck Kulik O’Neill’s applied technology practice and he also works on tax and general accounting issues. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Harvey Mudd College. Geoff’s scientific methodology training aids him in helping clients use technology to meet their accounting and business development needs. He joined the firm in 1986.
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