Business Growth Strategy Workshop

For San Francisco Bay Area Companies

Learn How to Work ON Your Business NOT IN It at a two-hour seminar with RINA + Sterck Kulik O’Neill.

At the session business development specialists will introduce you to concepts such as Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and the Four Ways to Grow A Business. Seminars are scheduled later this year in Oakland and Walnut Creek.

Key Performance Indicators allow business owners and managers to identify and focus on company issues before they are noticed in the bottom line. The Four Ways to Grow a Business clearly point to the alternatives available to increase your profits.

The team at Sterck Kulik O’Neill business growth strategies has worked with businesses to implement creative strategies to improve and increase business capacity and efficiency.

We help participants set a clear direction for where their business will be in five years. We then provide unique – but simple – ways to keep businesses moving in the right direction.

This program is designed for business owners and top management decision makers. The event package includes the seminar and workbook. Refreshments and light snacks will be served.


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Seminar Outline

The Sterck Kulik O’Neill Business Growth Seminar shows small business owners how to grow their businesses more effectively, profitably and with more enjoyment. The topics we cover include:

  • The basic requirements for success.
  • The process of identifying the areas in a business where profit is generated and how it can be measured effectively. This measurement technique is very different from the standard yardstick which uses the formula “Revenue minus Expenses”!
  • Additional tools to keep these measurements alive. Critical to this process is timely communication to the entire organization about these measurements. We show how this can be done safely and consistently.
  • A four-step process entrepreneurs can use to empower their teams to improve the numbers.
  • Systems which are essential to the business process. We emphasize that “Most people work IN the business while the key is to work ON the business” (so that they can choose NOT to work in it).
  • We show participants and give them an appreciation for the value in systematizing 90% of what goes on in business so that they can humanize the remainder. In this section we talk about the secret of making a small business bigger.
  • We give our participants the “Four Ways to Grow A Business”. These approaches include a unique and detailed methodology and thought process that allow the owner and their team to increase revenues.


of the participants in past seminars

Used 1 or More Ideas

100% of the participants in past seminars have told us about one or more features of our presentation that they described as invaluable and that they planned to implement into their business immediately.