CFO to Grow!

Interim Chief Financial Officer Services Helps Your Business Grow

CFO with a growth chart

The realization that your business needs a CFO is a milestone. It marks the move from your start-up phase into a more mature growth mode.


A CFO is a an accounting professional who will:

  • Establish financial procedures for on-going operations
  • Ensure proper record keeping
  • Design financial reports and establish schedules and procedures for their routine production
  • Identify, measure, and interpret Key Performance Indicator (KPI) results and discuss the information with you and your managers
  • Lead management in financial planning, including details such as tax payments and cash flow management

The CFO reports to you, the entrepreneur.

They make sure that you have the financial information you need to make the decisions which will keep your business growing.

Why an Interim CFO from Sterck Kulik O’Neill?

  • Your need for improved financial systems, financial planning, and fiscal control cannot wait.
  • Your current lead financial person is unable to step up to the responsibilities because of their experience level… or perhaps they are leaving the company!
  • Your search for the right permanent Chief Financial Officer should not be rushed.

The solution:
Sterck Kulik O’Neill provides successful companies with an Interim Chief Financial Officer,  a CFO to Grow.

Our professional will work for you on a customized list of CFO tasks that will help you grow.  We will also assist your business prepare for and identify a full-time Chief Financial Officer who’s a member of your team.

How Your Business Benefits

CFO Building BlocksYour CFO to Grow will work at your business site.  They will follow your priorities and will understand both your business and its operational culture.

The amount of time spent on your tasks is tailored to your business’ specific needs.  A smaller business may need support for only a few hours a week while the fastest-growing companies may want a CFO for 40 hours a week.

The professional working for your business is supported by Certified Public Accountants and a team of professionals. You will benefit from the extensive experience Sterck Kulik O’Neill has had with companies in similar situations.

A CFO to Grow allows small and medium-sized firms to have the benefit of professional financial management and assistance without the cost of a full-time financial executive.

Get a CFO and grow!

Contact Sterck Kulik O’Neill for the CFO that will help your business grow.