Certified Public Accountants Prepare Your Income Taxes

We prepare hundreds of Federal and state income tax returns each year.  Our clients have us fill out returns for almost every one of the 50 states!

We help you pay the least taxes allowed by law.  We help you use your tax returns as way to understand and improve your overall financial health.

We provide excellent value when we prepare your taxes.  We are rarely the “cheapest” alternative, but we are cost conscious and strive to be cost-effective.

We look at tax preparation as an opportunity to understand — and to help you understand — your overall financial health.

Who are we Best Able to Help?

People Who Have Complex Returns!

  • Taxpayers who earn income from multiple income streams.
  • Recipients of stock options
  • People involved in complicated property transactions including those involving rental units and other investment activity
  • Investors in detailed partnerships
  • Taxpayers with a foreign tax credit
  • Individuals with Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) issues
  • Business owners and others who are required to make estimated tax payments
  • Anyone who does not want to spend their personal time and energy figuring out the tax regulations that apply to their financial situation.

Need Tax Help?

Contact Sterck Kulik O'Neill Accounting Group inc.
Phone us at 415.433.4500 or email [email protected]

Why Choose Sterck Kulik O’Neill for Your Taxes?

  • Your tax return will be prepared accurately.
  • At least two professionals will look over your return.


    A second set of eyes on each return cuts down the chance for errors of commission and omission.

  • We use industry-leading tax preparation software and tools by CCH ProSystems.

    These modules are regularly updated to conform to recent law changes and IRS rulings. These robust programs handle complex interactions among revenue streams improving accuracy and reducing the time spent on the return.

  • Tax clients receive year-round contact and benefits from our accounting professionals.

    We invite tax clients to call us throughout the year with short questions so that we can help them before they make a financial mistake. And, we don’t charge our clients for these occasional calls.

    Tax clients receive a monthly financial newsletter with tips for their taxes and financial health. They also receive our monthly electronic newsletter.

    Clients are notified for free seminars for their business and are the first to be offered other services to help develop their business.

    Clients who entrust us to prepare their income taxes get on-going support. Your financial life doesn’t stop April 16th, and we do not close our office or reduce our staff then, either.

  • We have a stable professional team with little turn over.

    Your tax preparer will be able to access the work notes from prior years and also talk to other team members who are familiar with your situation. Often the same professional who knows you and your finances will help you each year.

Should Everyone Have a CPA do their Taxes?

Computer with Tax Form on ScreenNo.

We want to provide value for every client, and some tax filers do not have returns which require the expertise of a public accounting firm.

Even some tax payers who do not want to calculate their own return still do not need the resources of an accounting firm.

In general, if most of your income is from W-2 wages and you are not seeking tax planning advice, we will recommend that you prepare your return:

  • using a software program that runs on your home computer
  • with the assistance of a trained tax specialist such as an Enrolled Agent, a sole practitioner CPA, or year-round bookkeeping service with permanent staff that does tax preparation.

    Sterck Kulik O’Neill is happy to recommend another professional when it’s appropriate.